Not all spring breaks are fun! The one we’re talking about is likely to produce a sudden loud noise, similar to a gunshot, and coming from your garage. After your heart stops pounding, you take a peak around but nothing stands out as the source.
Did you know that there is a residential burglary every 90 seconds in Canada and every 18 seconds in the US? As well, respectively 80% and 60% of these break-ins occur during the day?
Whether you are building your own house or undertaking major home renovations, you can certainly do some of the work yourself. But other, more technical jobs should be left to experienced technicians. Most people agree – stick to what you know best.
It may surprise you that the problem behind the largest number of service calls to garage door specialists is not with the door itself, but rather with the automatic reverse mechanism, more exactly the misalignment of the photo eyes.
Have you always dreamed of having your own room where you could invite friends over to watch a football game and enjoy a cold beer? Just fix up your garage and you’ll be ready to go! Here’s how.
Happy with how your garage door operates, but feel that it might need something of an update in terms of appearance? If you’re wondering about add decorative windows, understand that it’s definitely possible. However, there are quite a few considerations that you’re going to need to make.
Practicing yoga requires a quiet, private space where no one will bother you. The garage, if it is well laid out, is an ideal place for your yoga sessions. Here are some tips for transforming your garage into your personal yoga room.
Has it ever happened that you ran into a problem with your garage door opener and weren’t able to find a solution? Here are some videos that explain how to deal with the most common cases encountered by garage door specialists when making service calls.
Is the color of your garage door, whether chosen many years ago or recently acquired, completely out of style or just dull and uninteresting? Now is the time to change its appearance and give your home a new look. However, where should you start?
You’ve decided to renovate your home, and to fit with your look, you’re being told to go with a traditional, classic style of garage door. What exactly does that mean? Is it truly what you need? Well, whether you are renovating, trying to increase the perceived value of your home, or looking to improve the insulation level and protective properties of your garage door to keep your garage more comfortable winter and summer

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