Turn your garage into your yoga sanctuary


Practicing yoga requires a quiet, private space where no one will bother you. The garage, if it is well laid out, is an ideal place for your yoga sessions. Here are some tips for transforming your garage into your personal yoga room.

A calm, enclosed space

Yoga is an activity aimed at relaxing and developing flexibility as well as adopting a deep and soothing method of breathing. This gentle style of exercise, which encourages daily well-being, is an effective way of staying healthy, both physically and mentally.

However, it’s not easy to find an appropriate place in the home where you can enjoy tranquility without the risk of being disturbed during your yoga session. This is where the garage, once properly prepared, may be the perfect place that allows you to concentrate and unwind.

How to prepare the space

These are the recommended steps for setting up your garage:

  • Straighten up: the more tidy and uncluttered the garage is, the better the room will be for relaxing. All articles you don’t need in the garage should be moved out to your shed. For those that must stay, try hanging bicycles on wall hooks, putting tools away on shelves or in cabinets, and placing all sports equipment in closed containers.
  • Paint: yellow shades add warmth while green ones, recalling nature, are calming. Neutral colors also favor relaxation. Another idea is to think about adding a mural of nature scenes.
  • Set up your gear: yoga mat, cushions, block and yoga towels are the only items you’ll need for your session.
  • Online yoga classes: follow a yoga video on your laptop or listen to a playlist of relaxing, zen music. Sounds from nature such as waterfalls or birdsongs can also help you in setting the mood.
  • Suitable lighting: fluorescent lights are not appropriate for practicing yoga. Turn them off during your session and instead light a floor lamp and a few candles to encircle you. To use natural lighting, why not consider a garage door with all‑glass sections? If your current garage door is showing signs of aging or isn’t working well, this would be a good time to replace it with a windowed door. If you prefer to keep your privacy with a more closed door, select a metal/steel garage door fitted with satin or glue chip decorative windows in the top section.
  • Heating for the garage: if your garage isn’t equipped with electric baseboard heating or another system of heating, a portable heater will work very well. To keep heat inside the garage during the winter, an insulated garage door would be ideal.

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