Your garage: the perfect spot for parties with friends

Your garage: the perfect spot for parties with friends

Have you always dreamed of having your own room where you could invite friends over to watch a football game and enjoy a cold beer? Just fix up your garage and you’ll be ready to go! Here’s how.

Friday night get-togethers

In most houses, each room has its own use. For many homeowners, even the basement has become dedicated to either a home theater, home gym, yoga sanctuary or play area for the kids. In some cases, the whole house is taken up leaving nowhere for you to pursue your favorite pastimes.

You’ve certainly noticed some TV shows where the characters end up in the garage watching a sporting event. Why? Because it’s the ideal location for a hockey-watching evening, poker game, or just shooting the breeze, a place where you won’t be disturbing anyone else.

When set up properly, the garage is the perfect place to relax with friends after a hard week of work. You only have to leave the car outside for this one night and convert a part of the garage space appropriately.

To start, the garage needs to be decluttered. The goal is to find the best way to store tools, sports accessories, gardening supplies, tires, bicycles, and other articles either by sending them to the shed or in an unused area of the basement. You can also just get rid of unnecessary item so you only keep what’s essential.

For your party, you just have to rearrange part of the garage. Bring in an old couch, a TV you can hook up to a sport network, and an appropriate table to hold cold beer, a few bottles of wine, a platter of chicken wings, a bowl of chips and a deck of cards. Add some patio chairs so you can sit around the table and play poker while waiting for the game to start. For some atmosphere, a small speaker and an iPhone can be used to play your favorite playlist.

In the summer, open the garage door

When the weather gets warm, leaving the garage door open will let cool breezes in. However, if you do that, take time to inform your neighbors that you’ll be throwing a small party in the garage, and depending how things go, they may hear some cheering!

On the other hand, if you decide to leave the garage door closed for more privacy and to keep the noise inside, ensure that your door is working properly so that if your celebration ends later than planned, your friends can leave without passing through the house and disturbing the family.

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