March 30, 2018

Want some TRADITIONAL Garage Door Inspiration? This is the right place!

Standard+ ShakerCC, 8'x 7', Desert Sand, Clear windows

You’ve decided to renovate your home, and to fit with your look, you’re being told to go with a traditional, classic style of garage door. What exactly does that mean? Is it truly what you need?

Well, whether you are renovating, trying to increase the perceived value of your home, or looking to improve the insulation level and protective properties of your garage door to keep your garage more comfortable winter and summer, there is no lack of choices in traditional and classic garage door models. Nowadays, a garage door is more than basic utilitarian object – it is an integral part of your home’s architecture that enhances its beauty and character.

What are the characteristics of a traditional or classic house style?

Homes that are called traditional or classic are often a successful blend of styles that have evolved to follow popular trends. We are talking here about models such as bungalows, single-story houses, and 2-story ones such as cottage style. They are very often classics that are distinguished by borrowing from the most diverse architectural trends. Nonetheless, the overall impression remains harmonious, producing a comfortable haven for family life.

Standard+ Classix MIX, 9'x 8', Ice White

What garage door models does Garaga have to go with this style?

Though traditional homes don’t have one typical trait, they do share timeless designs and historical roots. Their classic style can also be found in our garage doors that share these same features. Here are the Garaga models to coordinate with your traditional home:

Standard+ Prestige XL, 9’ x 7’, Desert Sand, 8 lite Orion windows

Standard+ door, Prestige model 40 ½ x 15 in. designs embossed in the metal

Standard+ Shaker CC, 9’ x 7’, Ice White, 8 lite Orion windows

Standard+ door, Shaker CC model, 21 x 15 in. designs embossed in the metal

Standard+ Classic CC, 9’ x 7’, American Walnut, Cachet windows

Standard+ door, Classic CC model 21 x 13 in. rectangular pattern

Standard+ Classic XL, 16’ x 7’, Ice White, 4 vertical lite Orion windows

Standard+ door, Classic XL model 40 x 13 in. embossed pattern

Why not personalize the look of your garage door by adding windows!

Beyond the model and color, there is another special custom touch you can give to your door – the windows.

Finding a window model to suit your tastes won’t be hard with the wide and varied choices Garaga has. Harmonizing the style to go along with the windows in your house is a way of unifying the traditional elements of your residence.

Once you have selected a window model, you can future personalize your choice with the type of glass. Select from among windows with clear glass, printing process glass, Thermacrystal, as well as others such as glue chip, satin or textured with horizontal lines.

Are you interested and want to learn more?

Then contact us anytime at 607-687-5126. You can also stop by and visit us at our showroom. We can also easily email you a detailed, written quotation offering you several possible choices.

If you have decided to buy a new garage door and would like to coordinate its look with the traditional style of your house, use our Design Centre to see what the overall effect will be, or get some inspiration for possible looks from perusing our image gallery.

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