May 25, 2018

Have you run into a problem with your garage door opener? Here are videos to help you solve it

Have you run into a problem with your garage door opener

Has it ever happened that you ran into a problem with your garage door opener and weren’t able to find a solution? Here are some videos that explain how to deal with the most common cases encountered by garage door specialists when making service calls.

These videos have been prepared for LiftMaster brand door openers. However, if you have a Chamberlain or Craftsman door opener, the procedure to go through is about the same.

To watch any of these videos you simply link on the following links. If you want to stay up with the latest advances, go to the LiftMaster website by clicking here.

  1. How to change the battery in the remote control?
  2. How to change the battery in the Universal Garage Door Remote? (375UT ou KLIK3U)
  3. Why isn’t my remote control working?
  4. How to change the battery in the Wireless Keyless Entry?
  5. Why is the Wireless Keyless Entry not working?
  6. Why is the L.E.D. light blinking and the remote control not working?
  7. Why are the lights on the garage door opener staying on?
  8. Why won’t the garage door open fully?
  9. Why won’t the garage door close?
  10. Why is the garage door opener beeping?
  11. How to check the balance of the garage door?
  12. How to replace the garage door opener battery backup? (485LM)
  13. How to replace the logic board in the garage door opener?

Have you encountered a situation where you cannot find a video about it?

Then, please contact us any time at 607-687-5126. Or feel free to stop by and see us at our showroom. We are also able to email you a detailed written quotation that provides a choice of possibilities.

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