Is It Worth the Time and Effort to Insulate the Garage?

Garage door insulated

Are you still debating the idea of insulating and heating your garage? You might not feel that it is important, since there are no building codes that would require you to do so, save for certain cases with shared walls in an attached garage. However, for the most part, you will not have to worry about the R-value of the walls in the garage. With a detached garage, you do not have any rules guiding you at all, and you never need to worry about the insulation of the garage door. Some see this as an opportunity to save some money on their garage.

However, this might not be the best option. In fact, there are some very good arguments that will convince you of just how important it is to get your garage insulated, including the garage door.

Using the Garage for a Living or Workspace

Many people choose to do more with their garage than just park their car. They choose to turn it into a fitness center. Maybe they put in a workshop or a place where they can enjoy their hobby without making a mess inside. They might decide to furnish it and create a game or entertainment room. There are countless ways to use the garage, even as an extra bedroom. However, you need to make sure that the space is comfortable, and if there is no insulation, it will be nearly impossible to do.

When you have a well-insulated garage, you can make it much easier to regulate the temperature. This way, you can use it all year long for any purpose without worrying about freezing in the winter or sweltering during the hot summer months.

Cold Air Gets Into the House

Another one of the problems with having an attached garage that does not have insulation is the fact that it will be colder than the rest of your house. Whenever you open the door to your garage, it will allow some of that cold air to get into the house and some of the heat to escape, which means your energy bill could increase.

You Might Need the Insulation

In some cases, you might find that you need to have insulation, even if there are no regulations. For example, if you have any sort of plumbing in the garage, such as to the washer, you will need to make sure it is insulated. If you do not, you will end up having a frozen pipe at some point. If you have a room over the garage, you will certainly want it have insulation, as well.

Protection of Your Items

In addition, you will find that the insulation can help to keep items in your garage safe. If you have any metal items, papers, recreational equipment or anything else that you store in the garage, you do not want it to rust or to get mold and mildew. By regulating the temperature and the humidity in the garage, you can avoid these problems altogether.

Less Noise

Another one of the reasons you might want to consider getting insulation is for the noise. When you have proper insulation in the garage, it will reduce the amount of noise that is filtering into the house. In addition, it helps to keep the garage quieter from any noises in the house. While this might seem like a small thing now, you will find that it could be extremely helpful down the line.

Remember the Garage Door

When you are insulating the garage, you need to think about more than the walls and the ceiling. You also need to consider the garage door. If you do not have an insulated garage door, you will not gain the benefits of an insulated garage.

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