How to take care of your garage door so that it remains in proper working order

Maintenance door

When a garage door works properly, we don’t give it a second thought. If you’d like the comfort of knowing that it will always work correctly, especially when you really need for it to, here are some tips from Garaga that should help.

Perform regular inspections of your garage door

Pay special attention to any noises out of the ordinary produced by your garage door when it opens and closes. A snap or thump could indicate that a part has broken or is about to break.

Routinely go through a visual inspection of your garage door. Are torsion springs intact and in one piece? Is one of the extension springs stretched out or hanging down? Do you notice a roller that is almost falling off because it is so worn? Is the chain or belt of your door opener so loose that it’s hanging abnormally low?

Another step is to check that your spring system is working correctly. If you have an electric garage door opener, disengage the trolley of the opener by pulling on the emergency cord and try to open the door with just one hand, using the lift handle. If you have difficulty doing this and the door feels very heavy, you’ve located a serious problem. Reattach the trolley and call a garage door technician without delay!

Twice a year, carry out normal maintenance of your garage door

First of all, we advise you to do this two times a year: once before winter begins and then again, after all that cold weather is done. By maintenance, we are mainly talking about lubrication, tightening of a few bolts, and especially checking your two automatic reversal systems, nothing more.

Make sure that all hinges are tightly secured and the horizontal tracks are aligned correctly. Tighten the bolts holding the perforated angle irons, forming a right triangle, that support the horizontal tracks and the electric garage door opener. If you have a 3-piece trolley on your door opener, tighten the bolts concerned. Vibrations from the motor can cause these bolts to loosen more easily.

When we refer to lubrication, we are primarily talking about lubricating all the metal components that move and bend, like the hinges, rollers and springs. A petroleum-based lubricant works well for this use. As well, this is the time to take care of parts made of PVC, like the exterior frame weatherstripping. In this case, a silicone‑based lubricate is recommended. Don’t forget to apply it to the bottom weatherstripping and that between the door sections.

Check out your automatic reversal system

For your safety and that of your loved ones, it is crucial to verify your automatic reversal systems on a regular basis. If your opener was manufactured after 1993, you have two systems: one is mechanical and the other is photoelectric. For the first system, you just need to place a piece of lumber, like a 2 X 4, flat on the threshold of the door. Then close your door. When it touches this piece of wood, the door should reverse direction automatically and reopen.

The second system is photoelectric. It is made up of two units, one on each side of the door, with a light beam transmitted between them, a similar technology to that used to open entry doors on supermarkets. To test they are functioning correctly, simply press the button to close the door and then pass your hand in front of one of the two units. By breaking the beam, the door should reverse direction and open automatically.

Is there someone who can do all of this for me?

Of course! Don’t hesitate to contact us at 607-687-5126. We are garage door experts and can provide you with our 28‑point tune‑up program that includes inspection, adjustment and lubrication.

However, if you feel that the time has come to change your garage door, we can also send you a detailed quotation by email. If you prefer, we will gladly visit you at home and present our whole line of garage doors. You will receive advice on the best choice to make to suit your needs. To build your own dream garage, use our Design Centre, or browse our image gallery.

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