Reclaim Your Garage in 5 Easy Steps!

Take back your garage from clutter

Regain control of your space!

Have you ever found yourself just staring into your garage, astounded by the mountains of stuff you own? Is it full of stuff you haven’t used in years? Maybe decades?

Every year, as winter weather nears, many of us start wishing we could park our car in our garage. Unfortunately, many of us just don’t have the room. If it’s time for a change, read on to discover how to reclaim your garage in 5 easy steps! Learn how to make the most of this space, while making room for everything you still need to store.

STEP 1: Time to Declutter!

It’s time to sort out the contents of your garage. On a warm day, sort the following items into different piles:

  • Objects to throw away
  • Objects to recycle
  • Objects to donate to your favorite charity
  • Objects to sell at your next yard sale
  • Objects to put away elsewhere
  • Objects to keep in the garage

Don’t get discouraged! This first step is by far the hardest, but it is key to reclaiming your garage.

STEP 2: Decide on Insulation and Drywall

Once your garage is empty, decide if you need to insulate your space, if it isn’t already. You could make your garage into a cozy spot for your workshop or your kids’ playroom.

After insulation comes wall cladding. Most homeowners opt for drywall, then paint it. Sometimes, PVC exterior siding is used to cover the bottom four feet of garage walls in order to help protect against dirt and water. We recommend choosing the wall finish that matches your lifestyle.

To completely finish a single garage, with vapor barrier, insulation and drywall, expect to spend around $1300. If you need the help of a contractor, it could cost up to twice that sum.

STEP 3: Design Your Floor Plan

To design your new floor plan, it’s time to grab your measuring tape and get to work. Measure, then sketch your garage onto graph paper. Mark off fixtures, windows, electric outlets and all other items that are found in your space. Draw details to scale – you can even use designing software to get it right.

Don’t forget underused spots like the wall flanking your garage door. You may even have enough room for shelving in this otherwise wasted space.

Another wasted space can be found above your garage door. If your garage door is 7 feet high but your garage is 11 feet high, don’t ignore this extra space! You will need to leave enough clearance for garage door tracks and automatic opener, but the rest can be used for storing large bins or items.

When designing your new space, you will need to pinpoint what items must fit in the room. Possibilities include:

  • Sports equipment storage
  • DIY work area with workbench and tool storage
  • Kitchen storage complete with second refrigerator and freezer
  • Etc.

In your final floorplan, make a note if you need extra electrical outlets. Additional lighting could also be necessary. Finally, will you be painting your garage floor? It’s time to pick a color! Look for paint made for concrete and check if a primer is recommended.

STEP 4: List Your Priorities

If you’re happy with your new garage space, it’s time for action. Make a list of what needs to be done, estimate the cost and compare to your budget. Some items may need to be completed by a professional, like electrical work for example. Contact an electrician in advance for a cost estimate. You may need to choose which items are must-haves, and which ones can be done later-on.

Storage solutions can vary greatly in price. Building them yourself from lumber or repurposing items you already own will be the least expensive options.

You may prefer to buy pre-made storage units made of wood, plastic or metal. There are so many options on the market, at just about every price. This is also true for flooring and accessories.

If you need a little inspiration, search online for “garage storage ideas”. Use the photos that you like the most as a starting point for your own design.

STEP 5: Complete your Design with a New Garage Door and Opener

Last but not least, complete your dream garage with a new garage door and automatic door opener. Look for a garage door with proper insulation and weatherproofing in order to keep your space comfortable all year long.

For more information on creating your dream garage door, call us at 607-687-5126. Our experts can show you our wide array of models and accessories. We can recommend a style that will coordinate beautifully with your home’s architecture, while making sure it fits your budget. You may also contact us and get a free quote.

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