Make your next garage door purchase hassle free by using the services of an expert

Make your next garage door purchase hassle free by using the services of an expert

Is buying a new garage door one of your projects on the horizon? Though reasonably priced, they can still be a major investment. Consequently, your expectations are high and you are looking for a quality product as well as peace of mind. Thus it’s essential for you to get the assistance of a garage door specialist to ensure your purchase meets your needs and that the business you choose respects your budget.

Why choose a garage door expert?

A company specializing in the sale, installation and repair of garage doors contributes their experience not only when selecting the right door based on your needs and within your budget, but also when providing excellent after-sales service. The performance and long-term durability of that garage door depends as much on the quality of the installation as on the quality of the product.

How do you judge professionalism?

Knowledge is one way: the ins and outs of being a garage door installer are learned in the field. That’s where installers acquire the needed know-how for installations in the most difficult locations and under extreme conditions. Dedication is also a sign of professionalism, as shown by garage door advisors who assist you in making an informed choice. You want specific information and they have it! They can tell you all about the types of doors available, their energy efficiency, weather resistance, construction, models, colors and so much more.

The size and importance of a garage door should not be minimized!

Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home. What’s more, it is made up of numerous parts, from simple screws through springs and tracks, making its installation very technical. However, it only takes a few hours for a garage door expert to precisely and safely install it.

Once that work is done, the installer will carefully check the door’s balance and weathertightness. Their experienced eyes will closely examine all components to ensure no friction causes premature wear. Your door will open and close easily with just one hand. Finally, when ready to depart, your installer will clean up the workspace.

The 3 most important criteria when choosing your garage door expert

  • Level of experience
  • How long have they been installing garage doors?
  • If it’s a new business, verify how much experience the owner has.
  • Can they give you the names of satisfied customers in your area who can reassure you of their abilities?
  • Also see if they have letters of recommendation from satisfied customers.
  • Ask to see photos of completed projects.
  • Their after-sales service and the nature of their warranty
  • A good installer will, without asking, provide you with a warranty document covering the installation.
  • A 2-year minimum warranty will reassure you of their qualifications.
  • Membership in a professional association
  • Verify that they belong to a professional association. Such groups require standards of quality and a precise code of ethics.
  • These groups provide training sessions to keep them up on new developments in the market while also continually improving their knowledge.
  • Garaga has established a network of experts in the sale, installation and repair of garage doors. Its members must adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Remember this…

If there is one essential point to keep in mind from this blog, it’s that the performance and lasting durability of a garage door depends as much on the quality of its components as on the quality of the installation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 607-687-5126 if you have questions about this blog. It will be our pleasure to guide you or even make a service call if needed. As well, you can request an online quotation for a new garage door.

Lastly, if you are planning to change your garage door in the near future, use our Design Centre to create your own beautiful garage door. See for yourself the results by uploading a photo of your current house and superimposing a Garaga door right on it.

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