Make your next garage door purchase hassle free by using the services of an expert

Is buying a new garage door one of your projects on the horizon? Though reasonably priced, they can still be a major investment. Consequently, your expectations are high and you are looking for a quality product as well as peace of mind. Thus it’s essential for you to get the assistance of a garage door specialist to ensure your purchase meets your needs and that the business you choose respects your budget.
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Turn Your Garage into a Functional Plant Nursery

Millions of people pore over the seed and garden catalogs that begin to appear every winter. Many feel they have to wait for the spring planting season to even invest in a single packet of seeds or order a tomato plant or two. However, with spring just around the corner, you still have time to start a lot of plants and seeds and turn your garage into a lovely, private plant nursery. Let’s explore just how it can work…
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You won’t believe how strong your garage door actually is!

Have you ever actually stopped to consider how much work your garage door actually does? We took the time to go over and evaluate some of the kinds of performance challenges that garage doors are often subjected to, things that the typical owner would never even stop to think about. After digging into the information in this blog, you’ll likely never look at your own garage door the same way again. But, when you’re through, you’ll definitely be able to understand why it’s absolutely necessary to make sure you invest in the highest quality product available, and have it installed by experienced industry professionals. Read More

Is It Worth the Time and Effort to Insulate the Garage?

Are you still debating the idea of insulating and heating your garage? You might not feel that it is important, since there are no building codes that would require you to do so, save for certain cases with shared walls in an attached garage. However, for the most part, you will not have to worry about the R-value of the walls in the garage. With a detached garage, you do not have any rules guiding you at all, and you never need to worry about the insulation of the garage door. Some see this as an opportunity to save some money on their garage.
However, this might not be the best option. In fact, there are some very good arguments that will convince you of just how important it is to get your garage insulated, including the garage door. Read More

Would you prefer a large double garage door, or two single doors?

If you find yourself with developers presenting you with options on your home design, and stuck choosing between a wide, single garage door and two single doors, how can you decide which one of the designs is best for you and your home?
Let’s go over some insights and information that will hopefully help you in making the right decision, based on the architectural style of your home and your needs.
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How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Garage

Wondering what type of lighting would be best for that new garage you are building? Or, are you frustrated by the lack of lighting in your existing garage, and finally ready to fix the problem for good? Choosing the right lighting for your garage can be a little tricky when you consider all the options, so here are some tips to help you narrow down the options and finally illuminate your garage space.
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Reclaim Your Garage in 5 Easy Steps!

Regain control of your space!

Have you ever found yourself just staring into your garage, astounded by the mountains of stuff you own? Is it full of stuff you haven’t used in years? Maybe decades?
Every year, as winter weather nears, many of us start wishing we could park our car in our garage. Unfortunately, many of us just don’t have the room. If it’s time for a change, read on to discover how to reclaim your garage in 5 easy steps! Learn how to make the most of this space, while making room for everything you still need to store.
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Is Your Garage Door Opener Safe?

For most of us, the garage door has become the main entry point to our homes and not just when we arrive in our cars. With the introduction of exterior keypads, homeowners and their children have become more accustomed to simply opening their garage and entering the house that way.
While this is definitely convenient, it’s important to remember that garage doors can potentially be very dangerous. Remember, this is the largest moving part in a house. If something were to go wrong while it was opening or closing, serious injuries could result.
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