Make sure you teach your children how to safely use a garage door

Garage doors are increasingly becoming our primary entry point to our homes, even for our children. Absolutely the last thing any of us wants to happen to them is to be hit and seriously injured by a garage door.
That is why you need to take time to read this advice closely and show your children how to use the garage door safely at all times.
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4 reasons to cover your exterior garage door frame in aluminum

You are contemplating making a change to your garage door, and your coworker suggests, “As long as you are at it, why not have your garage door frame covered in aluminum at the same time?” You didn’t even know that this could be done, and anyway, you’d been saying that one of these weekends, you were going to tackle this project and paint all of it.
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Has your garage become dangerous to your car?

Triforce Classic CC, 9' x 7', Ice White, Clear windows
If you have a garage to park your car in, and also use this place to store many seasonal items, it is very likely there isn’t much space left to park your car when the temperatures get cold. So how can any family that takes care of its possessions, best protect its second major investment, their car? Here are some tips that will help you protect it from mishaps waiting to happen.
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How to avoid garage door repair scams

Your garage door is the largest mobile component of your home. As well, an increasing number of residents use it as their main entry point to their house, even more than the front door. For your own safety and that of the other members of your family, entrusting its repair to just anyone who arrives at your door, is not the wisest decision.
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What are these noises coming from my garage door?

A little while back, your garage door started making funny noises. It worries you, but not a lot. In any case, it still seems to be opening normally when you push the button on your remote.
The rational side of your brain tells you, however, that you should take care of it before it stops working completely, and one of these mornings, your car will stay stuck in your garage.
But how do you go about explaining the various strange noises over the telephone to a garage door specialist, so that you can learn if it’s really serious? What’s clear to you is that the louder and stronger the noise, the greater the risk that soon, everything will stop working.
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So many types of driveway surfaces… which one to choose?

Whether considering the practical aspect or the appearance, or even from an environmental point of view, a driveway reflects the care you put into the maintenance of your home. There are various materials on the market available to you, and each has its advantages and disadvantages based on the style you want to bring to the exterior look of your home while also considering your budget.
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7 reasons why should invest in a new garage door

Chances are, a new garage door isn’t at the top of your list of priorities. And we understand, as long as it opens and closes, people don’t pay that much attention to them.  
But we should be paying more attention to them, after all, garage doors are the largest moving object in your home, they represent up to 40% of your home’s façade, and a lot of the time, are used at the main entrance.
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