Some ways to prevent garage break-ins

Did you know that there is a residential burglary every 90 seconds in Canada and every 18 seconds in the US? As well, respectively 80% and 60% of these break-ins occur during the day?

You also ought to know that the garage is a good entry point to do this, as very often valuable belongings are kept there, such as motorcycles, mountain bikes, etc. And do you know another thing: it is often through negligence that these robberies occur? How? We too often forget to properly lock our car doors, like when we go to the mall…
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4 reasons to cover your exterior garage door frame in aluminum

You are contemplating making a change to your garage door, and your coworker suggests, “As long as you are at it, why not have your garage door frame covered in aluminum at the same time?” You didn’t even know that this could be done, and anyway, you’d been saying that one of these weekends, you were going to tackle this project and paint all of it.
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How to avoid garage door repair scams

Your garage door is the largest mobile component of your home. As well, an increasing number of residents use it as their main entry point to their house, even more than the front door. For your own safety and that of the other members of your family, entrusting its repair to just anyone who arrives at your door, is not the wisest decision.
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What are these noises coming from my garage door?

A little while back, your garage door started making funny noises. It worries you, but not a lot. In any case, it still seems to be opening normally when you push the button on your remote.
The rational side of your brain tells you, however, that you should take care of it before it stops working completely, and one of these mornings, your car will stay stuck in your garage.
But how do you go about explaining the various strange noises over the telephone to a garage door specialist, so that you can learn if it’s really serious? What’s clear to you is that the louder and stronger the noise, the greater the risk that soon, everything will stop working.
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Make your next garage door purchase hassle free by using the services of an expert

Is buying a new garage door one of your projects on the horizon? Though reasonably priced, they can still be a major investment. Consequently, your expectations are high and you are looking for a quality product as well as peace of mind. Thus it’s essential for you to get the assistance of a garage door specialist to ensure your purchase meets your needs and that the business you choose respects your budget.
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