Want some TRADITIONAL Garage Door Inspiration? This is the right place!

You’ve decided to renovate your home, and to fit with your look, you’re being told to go with a traditional, classic style of garage door. What exactly does that mean? Is it truly what you need? Well, whether you are renovating, trying to increase the perceived value of your home, or looking to improve the insulation level and protective properties of your garage door to keep your garage more comfortable winter and summer, there is no lack of choices in traditional and classic garage door models. Nowadays, a garage door is more than basic utilitarian object – it is an integral part of your home’s architecture that enhances its beauty and character.
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4 reasons to cover your exterior garage door frame in aluminum

You are contemplating making a change to your garage door, and your coworker suggests, “As long as you are at it, why not have your garage door frame covered in aluminum at the same time?” You didn’t even know that this could be done, and anyway, you’d been saying that one of these weekends, you were going to tackle this project and paint all of it.
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So many types of driveway surfaces… which one to choose?

Whether considering the practical aspect or the appearance, or even from an environmental point of view, a driveway reflects the care you put into the maintenance of your home. There are various materials on the market available to you, and each has its advantages and disadvantages based on the style you want to bring to the exterior look of your home while also considering your budget.
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Turn Your Garage into a Functional Plant Nursery

Millions of people pore over the seed and garden catalogs that begin to appear every winter. Many feel they have to wait for the spring planting season to even invest in a single packet of seeds or order a tomato plant or two. However, with spring just around the corner, you still have time to start a lot of plants and seeds and turn your garage into a lovely, private plant nursery. Let’s explore just how it can work…
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How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Garage

Wondering what type of lighting would be best for that new garage you are building? Or, are you frustrated by the lack of lighting in your existing garage, and finally ready to fix the problem for good? Choosing the right lighting for your garage can be a little tricky when you consider all the options, so here are some tips to help you narrow down the options and finally illuminate your garage space.
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Reclaim Your Garage in 5 Easy Steps!

Regain control of your space!

Have you ever found yourself just staring into your garage, astounded by the mountains of stuff you own? Is it full of stuff you haven’t used in years? Maybe decades?
Every year, as winter weather nears, many of us start wishing we could park our car in our garage. Unfortunately, many of us just don’t have the room. If it’s time for a change, read on to discover how to reclaim your garage in 5 easy steps! Learn how to make the most of this space, while making room for everything you still need to store.
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